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Israel Chamber Orchestra




In 2016 while enjoying my new office in Tel Aviv, I stumbled upon an article saying the world renowned Israel Chamber Orchestra is shutting down, due to a significant drop in governmental support. As a part-time classical composer myself, I knew I wasn't going to let this happen. This was my call. I approached the retired CEO and offered a considerable package of strategic consultation and marketing design services to help save this marvelous and highly important orchestra.

It appears I was not alone. A whole group of devoted professionals offered their help (such is Israel!), and so my package was well-received, with me in charge of everything design. To make a long story short, together with the new and brilliant CEO, we all helped save the orchestra, and from that point on, my collaboration with the orchestra continued on a paid basis.

What a blast I had in branding the 51st season of the renowned ICO! Inspired by the medical condition of chromesthesia, I came up with the concept of 'Colors Worth Hearing' and turned orchestral instument voices into splashes of vibrant colors. The concept was kept along throughout all marketing and publicity items (also designed by myself) of that remarkable season. Additional services including art direction, print production and professional linguistic editing for all concert programs, in both English and Hebrew.

You are particularly welcome to check out the multilingual program booklet here.

Season 50 // 2015-2016

Season 51 // 2016-2017